Nico di Angelo Ask

Hello everyone! Nico di Angelo here. I made this blog so you us can send me questions about myself! Ask is always was open is send in questions at anytime.

nerdywhoviangirl said: Do you like Doctor Who?


jerineg said: Do you know how to play any instruments?

Used to play piano but not really anymore

jerineg said: I'm glad you like Collide, it's one of my favorites!

It was very good :)

jerineg said: Can we be friends? :)

Of course

nosey-rosiemc said: Nico would you freak out if you suddenly turned into a girl and leo started hitting on you ?


niky-wildthunder said: Hey nico, have you told Percy yet?

Told him what?

jl7299 said: What is your favourite memory?

Being with my mother and sister before the casino

jerineg said: You should listen to Collide by Howie Day the original and the acoustic versions are both beautiful! Tell me what you think of the song ok!

It’s awesome! Great song :)

jerineg said: Do you own any pets?


jerineg said: Have you ever heard of the band Hoobastank, or Blink 182? If you have, do you like any of their songs and do you have a favorite?

I have heard of Blink 182. I’ve heard a lot of their songs but I don’t have a favorite