Nico di Angelo Ask

Hello everyone! Nico di Angelo here. I made this blog so you us can send me questions about myself! Ask is always was open is send in questions at anytime.

Anonymous said: Hey Nico, can I hug you?

Sure why not

Anonymous said: Ehi, do you know that your name doesn't mean "angel of death"? (I'm Italian)

I did know this

Anonymous said: do you like kitty cats? <3

Animals don’t like me much….some cats are okay

anicosgirlfriend97 said: Did you know that I am a child of Hades and that Cerberus original name Kirbirus means Spot in Ancient Greek?

I did know about him.

eviethemermaidfangirl said: Favorite book?

Honestly I don’t read too much. Listened to the Harry Potters on audio.

Anonymous said: Have you met Anubis? He looks like you i think:)

No but I would like ri

Anonymous said: Nico, I am questioning running away from camp. Should I?

Depending on your reasons. Anything I can help with?

jerineg said: You should listen to Little Wonders by Rob Thomas! It's a beautiful song! (In my opinion!)

I’ll have to do that

jerineg said: What's the first thing you would do if you woke up as a girl?

Lay in bed in shock

nerdywhoviangirl said: Do you like Doctor Who?