Nico di Angelo Ask

Hello everyone! Nico di Angelo here. I made this blog so you us can send me questions about myself! Ask is always was open is send in questions at anytime.

nerdywhoviangirl said: Do you like Doctor who?

Yes but still only on season 2 :/

jok3r-c4rd said: If you were not a Son of Hades, which Greek God or Goddess do you think would you be the offspring of?

Um probably Hecate…

funnyawesomepanda said: If you had to save 3 of the7 who would it be and why? ps the rest would die

I don’t want any of them to die… I mean I guess I would save Hazel, Percy, and Annabeth but it would be easy at all..

Anonymous said: Hey, I was wondering why do the dead like coke and McDonald's? Does it bring back happy memories of when they were alive?

I’m actually not sure why they like McDonalds.. Maybe it does. I will have to ask them next time

Anonymous said: Nico, as a son of Pluto, do you have any tips? I feel outcast and everyone is scared of me...

Find somewhere where you do fit in. Don’t be who they want you to be because you are already a wonderful human being and maybe people can’t see that. Find people who likes the same things as you or feel the same way as you and become friends. You always have me though. I don’t have many friends either :)

Anonymous said: Why do u always give the most bland and short answer to every ask u get? I mean come on give a whole hearted answer for once. I'm sorry if that sounded rude/pushy but I want better answers! PS I LOVE U!!! :-D

Sorry I’ll try better.. I didn’t realize you wanted more detail…

leavaldez613 said: Who do you love more, Percy or Reyna

Well I’m not really friends with Reyna….

yourstrulyariana626 said: How many mythomagic cards did you collect?

Too many.

Anonymous said: Do you think your going to fall in love one day?

I might

Anonymous said: Hi! Your Hades' son right? He told me your life is tough. Your gonna be alright I promise. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. You seem really nice . I lost my older sister too in an explosion. I hope your happy soon. That would be amazing. Bye Lord Hades is calling.

Yes I am and thanks. Same to you.